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He is not the only man in my life

One of my gents at London escorts seems to think that he is the only date in my life. He is actually rather pushy and calls our date coordinator here at the agency and tells her to clear my schedule. I am afraid that life does not work that way. Like the other girls at London escorts, I do have other gents that I need to see and spend time with. It is no good sitting around waiting for just one gent in particular to call you. It would be like being someone’s private girlfriend.

This gent is very pushy and it is not like he is a really good tipper neither. Most of time when we have a date, he does not leave me a tip at all. At times he can just be a little bit too much. The other night we were out on a business function date, and he asked me to stay an extra two hours. Not a problem normally, but this guy does not expect to have to pay for the extra two hours. That is simply not how London escorts of work at all.

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I know that many of the other girls have had awkward gents, but it was not until I encountered this gent that my problems started. He can be really nice to me but then again he expects everything to be done his way. That does not necessary work at all. Turning up half an hour early for a date is not a okay, but form what I understand, he does the same thing to his hairdresser as well. I am not sure how people in general actually cope with this guy.

A couple of weeks ago, I had to tell him that I am more than happy to carry on dating him, but I cannot handle the stress of him hassling me for free time and stuff like that. I know for a fact that no other London escorts service would give him free time, but he says that they do. If that is true, I don’t understand why he does not use them all of the time. I think that would have been the ideal solution for him, but as he is still her, I don’t think that anyone gives him free time at all.

I would actually like to drop him from my London escorts schedule but as he brings me a lot of business, I would really have a tough time doing so. All in all, I think that he is one of my most frequent dates. I love the fact that he comes and sees me a couple of times per week. One of the girls here at the agency says that he is one of these bread and butter dates. I would agree with that. He certainly seems to enjoy spending time with me, but he likes to make sure that he pushes his luck. Well, the boss has told him now that he should not be so pushy. It will be interesting if he has listened to him and what he said.

My dream date in London with London escorts

The first time I visited London, I did not know that escorts services in London were out of this world. Sure, I had dated escorts before, but I had never dated girls like London escorts. All of the girls that I met in London were the hottest and kinkiest girls that you can dream, and if you are looking for dates, I would certainly check out the escorts who work in London. There is no way that you can compare these girls to other escorts around the world, there surely is something really special about them.


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I had a dream date with a girl from London escorts. Her name was Cherie and was a stunning blonde. That evening I had arrived in London and was looking for some sexy companionship. I was feeling really out of sorts, and my body needed reviving after a long flight from New York. Sure, traveling first class is okay, but you are still stuck on the plane for many long hours and it does not do anything for me.

This evening my libido was sending me all of the signals that you would associate with light frustration. That is not a problem when you are in London and I know where to find the hottest girls. So, when I arrived at my hotel, I called my favorite elite London escorts service. I was in desperate need of an outcall, and it was soon going to be with me in the shape of sexy Cherie. Just half an hour later, I opened the door and stared into her her blue eyes. She was a vision of beauty to behold.

Cherie slinked in through my door, and I noticed that her body was in perfect shape as she slipped of her coat. I admired her figure for a moment, and she just stood there letting me look at her. She truly was stunning and she was one of the sexiest London escorts that I had ever met. Cherie was a gentle girl and started the evening off by the perfect massage. Leaning my head between her soft assets, I gently found myself slipping as well. This girl was indeed something special, and the rest of the evening unfolded on cloud nine.

Now, when I visit London, the first thing that springs to mind is Cherie. Often I send a message to the agency on my way from the airport to make sure that Cherie is getting ready for me. I can trust my loyal London escorts service to only provide me with the finest and if Cherie is on duty, I know that she will be at my door. We have enjoyed many dates together and if you are looking for special escorts, I would recommend that you only date elite London escorts. They are worth your investment, and when you find a special girl like Cherie, you hang on to her with all your might. I love my Cherie and even after a year of dating her, I never feel bored in her company.