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Adult worker of this century pornstar or escort

Now, here is some food for thought. Will a London porn star or London escorts be the next big fashion icon?

Porn stars seem to be becoming more and more mainstream, and more than one has walked down a red carpet in Hollywood. We seem to be accepting the role of pornography in society, and it is quickly becoming less of a taboo subject.

London Escorts have for some time had a bit of a celebrity status, and we only need to look back to the not so distant indulgences of a certain UK politician, to appreciate that London escorts can be quite classy ladies. I am even sure that many of the glamorous ladies accompanying celebrities to events are actually premium escorts in London.

Stylish Porn Ladies

Once a porn star has put her clothes back on, she is just another beautiful girl. Most porn stars do have very good figures and look great in modern day fashions. Some porn movies are now red carpet events, and the actresses are often dressed by leading designers.

Also, many porn stars also work as lingerie models. Sexy lingerie never used to be mainstream neither, but now we are more than happy to accept Victoria’s Secret as mainstream. The company stages shows which can rival any Paris or Milan fashion show.

Perhaps, the next fashion icon will be a porn star.

Glamorous London Escorts

My friends who work with London escorts they are some of the glamorous girls I know. As a matter of fact, I would say that they are often more stylish than your average A-Lister.

Sometimes, I think that a designer dress “wears” the celebrity, whilst many London escorts wear clothes which suit them. Perhaps it has to do with the ability of escorts wanting to blend in, not stand out from the crowd.

You need to ask yourself if escorts in London or movie stars have the better fashion sense. If fashion is about style as well as looking good, I would say that London escorts have the better fashion sense.

Fashion Columns in Magazines

I am not so sure if a porn star would make a very good job of writing a fashion column, but I am sure many London escorts would be up for the task. Not only are they stylish, but most of them are also well spoken and can be very entertaining.

If a fashion column in a magazine is about entertaining the reader as well as advising, I think that many London escorts would make the perfect fashion columnists. Escorts are more likely to come up with suggestions which will fit in with most shoppers budgets. Not all of us can afford to spend $10,000 on a dress.

An escort as a fashion columnist would probably be in touch with what is truly stylish, and may even be independent enough to promote alternative fashion brands. We are always reading about Gucci and Dior, but there are many others out there which are very stylish and not so “over the top.” It would be nice if we could see more of them. It might even encourage the average shopper to seek out new and upcoming designers.

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