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Why Watch Porn?

I don’t understand my best mate. He would rather watch porn than enjoy a date with London escorts. Sure, I know that he is a little bit on the shy side, but as I say to him, the girls at London escorts are not going to worry about him being shy. When I stop and think about, I think that it would be good for my friend to try and hook up with London escorts a couple of times per week. His self-confidence is completely shot since he broke up with his girlfriend.

Would dating London escorts help my friend? I think that dating London escorts would not only put a big smile on my friend’s face. It would also help to restore his self-confidence. Normally when you break up with a girl, the first thing that takes a serious knock is your self-confidence. That is exactly what has happened to my mate. We have been hanging together for a long time, and I know that something is amiss at the moment.

When I am out with my mate, he keeps looking at his shoes instead of all of the gorgeous women who are hanging around us. Sure. I know that it is not easy to always look a woman in the eyes. I just think that the sexy kittens at London escorts could help my friend to find his feet again when it comes to women. Like I say to him, there is nothing like a little bit of hot arm candy to make you fell in top of the world. The hottest arm candy in London can be found at London escorts.

I am really worried that my mate is going to lose his way completely around women. He has had numerous girlfriends but not been able to find the right one. Sometimes I think that it is better for you to have a bit of a wild time when you are younger. When you get older and ready to settle down, it is better to try to settle down with Miss Right. I firmly believe that dating London escorts is doing me a lot of good, and is the right thing for me right now.

My friend could easily afford to date London escorts. He has got a better job than I do. But, he says he does not want to pay for dates. I think that if you are buying a girl dinner and a couple of drinks, you have already paid out as much as you do when you book sexy London escorts. At the end of that date, you are still not certain that you are going to get anything out of that date. At least with London escorts, you know that you are on for a bit of a promise and you are sure to have a good time on your date. Just two of the many reasons why I choose to date the hottest girls in London – London escorts.

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