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The Joy of Free Adult Tube Sites

Are you feeling naughty, randy or just plain horny? Maybe you need a quick free porn fix. There are dozens, maybe hundreds of porn sites on the net for just about any type of taste, style or preference, so much so that the adult industry has its own domain extension: dotXXX. I guess you don’t need to store Playboy, Penthouse or Hustler magazines under your mattress anymore. A simple mouse click can bring whatever you need right to your computer screen. Just don’t let your boss find out or you could get into trouble.

Internet porn is so rampant that just about anyone with a computer has watched it. Do you think that no one in your home or office would? Think again. About 20% of college age male students watch porn every day and that doesn’t diminish with age. Lots of mature guys indulge as well. There is no shortage of women who indulge either. And why not? Why should men have all the fun?

So what is on the erotic menu for today? Do you like it soft or rough? Hot and nasty? Just do a Google search and there are all kinds of sites to choose from. Videos have become the most popular in recent years. Adult tube sites have videos catering to just about any kind of taste, obsession or fetish. Did you know that there are 43,688 videos about girls wearing glasses (and nothing else)? Seriously, if you are into BDSM, tranny porn, gay porn, its all there for the asking. Just keep it legal, OK? Kiddie porn and rape sites–not cool. But hey, anything goes between consenting adults, right?

But what do you when you get caught surfing porn when you shouldn’t? No matter how careful you are in clearing your browser history or keeping a separate folder, you are bound to be discovered, especially with more employers monitoring computer usage at work. Blocking employer monitoring will look even more suspicious and getting caught with your pants down so to speak can result in dismissal. To prevent being observed you can encrypt your traffic and set up a VPN and proxy. This measure may seem extreme but it is the only way to ensure your privacy. It may however attract more attention and cause more problems than it solves.

The internet opens up a world of adult entertainment and there may be more adult tube sites than any other kind of sites combined. As anything else, have fun but use common sense.